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What kinds of problems can the book's more than sixty-five thinking "tools" be used to solve? Problems in:

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Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox
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The tools in this book are brought to life through interesting real-life examples. For instance, you'll read the behind-the-scene stories of how the Braille alphabet and basketball were invented. You'll read the story of a business owner who creatively improved low employee morale by letting his employees choose their own salaries. And, you'll learn how Leonardo da Vinci, who painted The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, was able to sketch a crude helicopter 500 years ago!

The skills explained in The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox are more powerful and more complete than the ones commonly taught. They are explained as specific techniques anyone can learn. And the many examples make it clear how to apply the techniques to real-life problems.

Schools typically don't teach creative problem solving, and other books on the subject are incomplete, simplistic, or abstract. So where did the material for this book come from? The author learned the skills of creative problem solving through a lifetime of creative projects and pursuits, initially motivated by his parent's appreciation of useful creative ideas. After gaining unique insights through careful self-analysis of his thinking process, and after gaining experience teaching these insights in classes and seminars, the author spent five years writing this book to more widely share these valuable tools.


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