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Over the years, I've collected numerous resources for effective problem solving: articles, books, software, card decks, and more.  But if there was only one resource I could take to the proverbial desert island, it would be this book: The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox, by Richard Fobes.  It truly is a toolbox full of techniques, and the examples can make it fascinating to read.  Amazon carries it (but is out of stock, as of this writing), or the author will actually ship it to you for free. Then you can either return the book or a check in payment.  Unusual, yes?  So is the book.  (FYI, I don't get any cut of the purchase price :).

Terry Masters

I absolutely love this book.  As I read it, I keep thinking, “Why doesn't the rest of the world know about this book?!”  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to drastically increase their ability to create solutions to all kinds of problems.   Creative problem solving is my passion, and I was a skilled problem-solver even before I bought this book, yet it's taken my problem-solving abilities to an even higher level.   This book is complete and practical.  I can't think of a single reason why you shouldn't buy it.  You'll be pleasantly surprised when you receive it.

Phil Hamilton, President of Hamilton Business Group, Inc.

... out of the thousands of books that flow by, and the scores that end up as worthy of review, [this book] looked valuable enough to want for myself.

Howard Rheingold, Editor-in-Chief of The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
Upon ordering a copy for personal use

Solutions, Creative!
Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox
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Einstein & Hypatia
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23 Creative Problem Solving Tips
Hope for the Future
Author and inventor
Does this book live up to its pretentious [sub]title? Yes, it does, better than any other basic design book I've encountered, ...

J. Baldwin, The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

... both informative and entertaining.

Aletha Solter, Author of Helping Young Children Flourish

[This book] has revitalized my outlook on problem solving. I have gained a renewed energy from this book and it has created a fun environment from which I now look forward to each new problem with confidence.

Ken Myers, Transportation Consultant Services

The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox is the best primer for teaching innovative problem-solving thought techniques published to date. It is an indispensable resource for open-minded thinkers.

Dennis P. Eichhorn, Loompanics Unlimited, seller of unusual books

The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox should be issued in every [Canadian-level] elementary school, to every child who can read, and used as the fundamental textbook for life. The major problems of society could easily be eliminated by the development of thought patterns [this] book generates.

Patricia Aitchison, School Trustee in Alberta, Canada

... a lovely and innovative antidote to the kind of linear thinking most of us learned while growing up, and an excellent primer for those who want to sharpen their problem-solving abilities. ... these tools can be applied to any area of life -- from inventive to business to personal.

The WomanSource Catalog and Review: Tools for Connecting the Community of Women

"It's the creativity book I keep coming back to. It truly is a toolbox. ... easiest and quickest ... crystal clear!

Sheila Glazov, Leader of creativity workshops
Visual Impact Planning

In his excellent book, The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox, Richard Fobes presents the "radial outline" method of generating ideas.... [The author] also describes a number of other ingenious tools for solving problems. I highly recommend his book to [you].

Henry Coffin Everett, M. D., Author of How to Reach Your Goals

An excellent primer if you want to revv up and sharpen your problem-solving abilities. It's really a toolbox. You can't go to the office without it!

Say Keng Lee

The book is subtitled A Complete Course in the Art of Creating Solutions to Problems of Any Kind and it certainly lives up to that billing. This is a book you should have in your reference library. ... [The author] made a special effort to make the subject clear and easy to follow. He uses lots of examples and exercises on a variety of real world problems. He avoids any "mumbo-jumbo" and does not try to make simple tools seem overly complex (like many authors in the field). In fact, Richard used the creativity tools to make the book the most user-friendly I have ever seen. Anyone who has to prepare written instructions would benefit from studying and "borrowing" the concepts he uses to write this book. ... This [radial outline] tool can be used by an individual or group and yields better results than brainstorming.

Pat Bremkamp, creativity consultant

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